Tigi Trumpet
Trumpet player, teacher, composer arranger

Welcome to the Tigran Mansour website


I knew from a very young age that I wanted to play the trumpet and when I was 10 I had my first lesson. Later at the conservatory in Groningen I studied trumpet and jazz music. I learned a lot from my trumpet teacher Eddie, who I called 'Don Eddie'. But I also learned a lot in practice by playing in all kinds of bands.
I toured with the ska band Jammah Tammah for 12 years.
Other bands i played in where Zebra and Want2Swing,
Resantly i played in the salsa band Orquista Salsabor en Big Band Ravenstein fore with i also composed and arranged. 
Besides trumpet, I play drums in a jazz combo with a singer in the Frank Sinatra style.
In addition to playing all kinds of music, i also compose and arrange for Big Bands. See the examples on my arrangements page.